Cnoc Morail

NameCnoc Morail

The Cnoc Morail development area is located approximately 2 km south west of Watten and 14 km west of Wick
Installed capacity   up to 11.5 MW
Link to planning portal    Highland Council

The proposed Cnoc Morail wind farm could annually supply up to 6,5001 households with clean and sustainably produced electricity, while reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions through the substitution of fossil fuels by roughly 303,7502 tonnes over the project lifetime.

Based on the current findings of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and consultation with local authorities and community members, the following main changes have been made to the proposed layout at Cnoc Morail:

  • Reduction of the turbine numbers from eight (8) to five (5), resulting in an installed capacity of up to 11.5 Megawatts
  • Reduction of tip height from 110 metres to 99.5 metres (proposed hub height of 64 metres)

The project area lies amidst the crofts of West Watten on grazing land roughly 2 kilometres south west of Watten. The site was chosen because of its promising wind speeds and suitable distance from settlements and residences, as well as national designations for wildlife. Existing farm tracks will enable the project to be built with minimal impact on the environment. Following construction, farming operations at the site would continue as normal.  


1 Assumed annual output of 45,100 MWh and project lifetime of 25 years.



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