Ackron Wind Farm

NameAckron Wind Farm

The Ackron Wind Farm development area is located approximately 20 km west of Thurso and 3 km southeast of Melvich
Installed capacity   up to 29 MW

The proposed Ackron wind farm lies on undulating rural grazing and moorland roughly 3 kilometres southeast of  Melvich in Sutherland. The site was chosen because of its promising wind speeds and suitable distance from settlements and residences. Existing farm and forestry tracks will enable the project to be built with minimal impact on the environment.

The proposal could annually supply up to 16,7001 households with clean and sustainably produced electricity, while reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions through the substitution of fossil fuels by roughly 767,0002 tonnes over the project lifetime.


Detailed design will further aid in preserving the amenity of the area for local residents and visitors.


2Assumed annual output of 71,350 MWh and project lifetime of 25 years (capacity factor 28.1% / national average). 



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