Our Approach to Sustainability

We believe that wind power is a vital way of providing clean energy and improving the state of the environment.

wpd knows that there is more that we can be doing day-to-day in order to fulfil our role as a responsible company.

Beyond the efforts we make to source materials and work with local contractors to develop our projects, wpd acknowledge the great work that is being done in Scotland to reduce waste, preserve  resources, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and safeguard our environmental assets.

One such group that wpd supports is Trees for Life, a charity dedicated to restoring the Caledonian Forest, working within a project area of 1,000 square miles in the Scottish Highlands in partnership with the Forestry Commission, RSPB and private landowners. Trees for Life also owns and manages the 10,000 acre Dundreggan Estate. Each year, Trees for Life delivers a programme of Conservation Volunteering weeks for hundreds of volunteers. These volunteers plant trees in selected areas, and carry out other restoration work such as seed collection and propagation of young trees and rare woodland plants. Trees for Life has planted over one million trees since work began in 1989.


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